We are B-Corp certified. In addition, we have implemented the following improvements in a commitment to our environment and our communities:

cardboard closeup representing packaging waste reduction


  • We meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

  • We earned this status for the way we treat our employees, our Supplier Code of Conduct, our input materials, our charitable donations, and how we make decisions as a company.


  • While we recognize that cruelty-free is separate to sustainability, we are passionate about supporting all life on the planet, including animals. Our brand is proudly certified as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

  • Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of those containing honey or beeswax. All of our products are vegetarian.

  • In 2019, as a team, we sponsored a rescue dog adoption in Los Angeles.

  • In 2019, as a team, we built cat shelters for rescue kittens, in partnership with Friends for Life, a non-profit animal shelter in Houston.

  • From November 18th through November 24th, 2019, we donated 10% of all pre-tax sales from to Friends For Life.

close up of leaves/plants representing supplier accountability
office picture representing office and team commitment to sustainability


  • Every Sunday Riley oil is produced using a Zero Waste Oil Process. While the seeds we use to press our oils can contain as little as 10% of the material needed, the remaining 90% never goes to waste.

  • Instead, the byproduct is ground into a seed powder and put into various nutritional supplements and plant protein forms for animal and pet use. Any inedible seed material is then used in agricultural processes for fertilization, so that these nutrients are back into the ground they were grown.


  • We matched customer & employee donations for the Amazon rainforest during the 2019 fires

  • We donated $500 per day to charities benefiting Australian firefighters for the duration of the 2019 Australian bush fires (over $45,000 total)
  • As a Company, we pay our team Volunteer Time Off, and actively participate in group events like planting trees with Trees for Houston
  • Within our office, we only use high-efficiency appliances, motion sensor lights, environmentally friendly paint, and sustainable cleaning products in our offices

office picture representing office and team commitment to sustainability
close up of leaves/plants representing supplier accountability


  • Suppliers and contract manufacturers are evaluated on sustainability and human rights metrics, and have to meet our Supplier Code of Conduct

  • We purchase the most sustainable ingredient options possible from environmentally responsible suppliers. Our ingredients are sourced predominantly from the U.S, Europe, and Japan. Our products are formulated, mixed,  bottled, and boxed in the U.S,


  • We purchase carbon credits to offset ALL of our freight shipments

  • We purchase carbon credits to offset the shipping carbon footprint for every e-commerce order

  • We purchase carbon credits to offset our manufacturing processes

  • We group freight and shipments together, to reduce our carbon footprint

  • We ship by sea instead of air, wherever possible

ocean water close up representing energy efficiency
cardboard closeup representing packaging waste reduction


  • We have redesigned our packaging to be greener. This includes: switching the EVA foam trays in our product packaging to recycled pulp board, switching to eco-friendly inks (like soy), and using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) materials for boxes. Launch date: 2020

  • Our goal is to have completely recyclable packaging by 2021


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